How to get started planning your vacation

I know I still get overwhelmed when trying to sort the must-sees from the really-want-tos for any upcoming trip I’m planning.

Luckily, we’ve spent the last three years honing the craft of vacation planning, so here are 4 tips we’ve narrowed down to make your next trip the most satisfying one yet! Hope they help.

  1. Think quality, not quantity. It might seem awesome on paper to visit five countries in two weeks, the reality will feel more like a runaway train than an impactful travel experience. Limit yourself to one or two countries, and spend more time getting to know the people and culture. Trust us— the memories will stay with you longer.

  2. Do your research! Learn about the culture and customs where you will be. If you are visiting a conservative country, you will receive a better welcome if you cover your shoulders and knees. It may seem weird or uncomfortable to dress differently than you do at home, but if you show respect to the culture and people, locals will go out of their way to ensure you have a great trip.

  3. Support local businesses! Think about the impact your visit has on the community. If you only eat at international chain restaurants or shop at malls, your money is not supporting the local community. If you eat at local-owned businesses, you can rest assures your dollars will circulate in the community

  4. No expectations means everything can exceed them! Be flexible, and up to push a bit outside your comfort zone. Think about the two types of fun: Type 1 is fun in the moment. And Type 2 is challenging in the moment, but fun afterwards (think skydiving, haggling at a market, trying a weird food)!

Tips of your own?

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photo by Alice G