My favorite thing was the floating village…or the rat NGO..or S21…or the wildlife sanctuary…or Angkor Wat…or the bike ride around the wall..or the homestay!
— Sandy
Haley and Sothy were the best program leaders I have ever had on a trip like this. Could not recommend more highly.
— Kara G

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Happy Clients

My partner and I enjoy travel that is truly transportive, not just in a physical sense, but in an emotional and mental sense as well. We like getting off the beaten path, and learning from and connecting with locals. Insight Tours customized our itinerary to our interests and travel style.

We chose Siem Reap for the convenience and its famous temples. We certainly ticked off an ambitious list of activities—several temples, the war museum, a silkworm farm, and more—but it was the context in which we experienced everything and the quieter moments that will stick with us—the many stories that were shared, the Cambodian delicacies we were introduced to (red ants and crickets pair surprisingly well!), and the sense of closeness we felt to the place and culture. Sothy has great local connections and fascinating stories, while Haley provided insights as a Westerner who moved there.
— Kaslin

I loved my trip with Insight Tours, it was a fantastic time to get off the beaten path and discover the local side of Cambodia life. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful, and the experience felt very personal. I would definitely go on a trip with them again.


Loved it all! Can’t wait for the next one!

— Lindsey g.

Thank you for an amazing day Haley & Co! Count me in for the next adventure.

Amy c.

Wonderful day out, we and the kids learnt so much and had lots of fun.

Trudy P.

My mom and I had such an amazing time walking around Siem Reap with Insight Tours. We learned about the culture and loved hearing about their lives. I’ve read a lot of history books about Cambodia before traveling here and I loved hearing about their lives and how that intertwined with the history that I’ve learned.
— Aileen

Haley is amazing! A wonderful personality and an endless fountain of energy, passion and knowledge. She’s a fantastic guide and, equally as important, a true pleasure to be around!

Dillon b.