About Us-

Sothy, Sarak, and Haley


We started Insight Tours as a way to show people the many dimensions of Cambodia.

We are a sustainable, eco-friendly social business, which means we invest money and resources back into the communities where we live and work. We reduce our plastic usage, and strive to eliminate our waste whenever possible. We shop at small local vendors rather than big grocery stores or chain restaurants, we work with local families instead of big tour agencies, and we value professional development for our staff and the people we interact with.

So why us?

Because Trip Advisor reviews can only take you so far.

We create the experience you didn’t even know you were missing. Anyone could take you to Angkor Wat, but with Insight, you create true local connection to the people, culture, and history of the places you are visiting, whether your trip is one day or one month.

By choosing to travel with Insight, you support local stories, local knowledge, and local people. You get a glimpse into Cambodia beyond the tourist spots.

Whether you come as a newbie or a seasoned traveler, your experiences here will turn Cambodia into a second home, whether you’re here or away.




Sothy is a legend, having worked as a guide across Cambodia and Thailand for the last 10 years. He loves telling jokes and sharing his country and culture with visitors from all over the world. When he was young, he spent time with monks at the temple, and learned to read Sanskrit and chant. He speaks fluent Thai, Lao, English, and a bit of French. Respect for culture is important for him, and he remembers everything he learns from old people at the temple. He has worked in the floating villages on Tonle Sap, and built more than 20 floating homes in Prek Toal Village.

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Sarak has been working with international guests in and around Siem Reap for almost 10 years. With a passion for introducing visitors to Cambodian life and a great attention to detail, you can find him exploring the temples in his turquoise tuktuk, or winning games of chess along National Road 6. He loves singing ktv, so bring along your favorite music and have a sing-along!

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Haley is funny, knowledgable, and fueled by exploration. She has led programs all across Asia for 5 years; from Myanmar to Cambodia, China to Mongolia. She is obsessed with learning about people, culture, and language, and enjoys regular bucket showers and trying local delicacies. She speaks Mandarin and Khmer, and was almost a Chinese game show winner. She can make anywhere feel like home, and can’t wait to introduce you to your next home, here in Cambodia!

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