Day trips and short excursions

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Sunset or Day Trip

Join us on a private boat ride to Prek Toal, one of the villages on the Lake that don’t get many tourists.

Or dive into life in the floating villages with an overnight on a floating house! Check out a detailed itinerary here!


CUstom Handicraft TOur

Visit local artists in their home-workshops. Learn the process of ceramics, make pottery by hand, and then head to a fair trade handicraft workshop and learn about wood carving, metalsmithing, painting, and more. Visit a silk farm, and learn about the lengthy process to get from cuccoon to kroma.

Get local insight into the importance of art and creation in preserving tradition and creating new futures.

See a custom itinerary here.

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Myths & Legends Walking TOur

Cover the interesting history of Siem Reap with this walking tour. Meet local people, explore the art and architecture of the city, and hear firsthand stories of life in Cambodia. Meet with monks and learn about life in the Monastery. Uncover stories of magic that protects the city.

See the hand-crafted itinerary here:

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Phnom Kulen Waterfall

Enjoy the history of Phnom Kulen and the importance of the waterfall with this cultural and adventure day trip.

Visit the 1000 Lingas, learn about the Mt. Kulen stone, and swim in the cold water.

See an itinerary here.


Day Trip

Join locals as we learn to harvest rice by hand! Head to a village about 45 minutes from Siem Reap. Meet with the village chief and elders, and learn about the history of the region. Visit a stunning local temple, and learn how people practice religion across most of the country.

See a detailed itinerary here.

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local fishing trip

Journey with our local guides to their favorite fishing spot in the countryside. Learn how to hold and throw the traditional circular fishing nets, spot the big fish under the lake surface, and catch fish! We will eat lunch local-style, making a bonfire at the pond and eating the fresh catch of the day.

Find this exclusive itinerary here:


jungle temple biking

Dive into the temples still covered by the jungle in this day of adventure. Visit the man-made reservoir that supplied water to the ancient city, and visit Ta Nei, a temple with trees sprouting from every crevasse. Take in the views of Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, and Angkor Wat, and then venture into the jungle to explore the silent ruins of temples from centuries ago.

See this adventurous itinerary here:


Half day + optional cooking class

Cambodian Cuisine has something for all tastes! Join us in an exploration of the best spots hidden around town.

See an itinerary here.

If you want to learn our favorite recipes to recreate at home, add a private cooking class with our five-star chef.


Countryside Tour and lotus ponds

Take a leisurely tour of the most beautiful countryside spots near Siem Reap. Learn about the history of cultivation in Cambodia, and taste some local snacks. Relax in the shade of hammocks by a gorgeous lotus pond, and learn the importance of the flower to the locals.

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