Three Day temple Visit

Temples are a huge part of Khmer history and culture.
Explore by tuktuk, or dive into the thick of things with a guided bicycle tour

Day 1


Start with a guided tour of two of the most famous temples before lunch in the temple complex. After lunch, hop on a mountain bike if you feel so bold, and we’ll take in a view of the temples most don’t get to see. We’ll end at the famous Tomb Raider temple before heading back to dinner and relax time at the hotel.


Day 2


Day 3

Hope you are recovered from our adventures on day 1! Today we will head to the War Museum for a tour by a man whose nickname “The Cat” shows his ability to survive death and near-death experiences. The museum is a sobering look at Cambodia’s not-so-distant past, and shows the issues that still plague the country.

From the museum we’ll head to a Silk Farm, where you can learn about traditional weaving and dyeing tecniques, and maybe try your hand at making a pattern yourself.

Lunch — or a cooking class— will take us through to the afternoon, and we’ll have time to clean up and refresh at the hotel before evening.

Head to the Floating Village to take in sunset, then back to the city for dinner and relax time on Pub Street.


On this last day, we’ll take a drive to a waterfall and visit a famous and huge Buddha statue. We’ll eat lunch surrounded by the jungle that used to cover most of the country, then head back to the city for an early dinner and an evening at the Cambodian Circus, a social enterprise which gives street youth in Cambodia a bright future in the performing arts.