This program focuses on off-the-beaten trail sights, and exploring the nature around Cambodia. Homestay, floating village, and hiking are all possible .

Day 1

Arrive and get settled in to the hotel after a long flight day. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the airport, depending on traffic.

Day 2

Ease into Cambodia with our first local meal: noodle soup and Cambodian coffee. We’ll walk around to get a feel of the city, stopping for some refreshments at Bayon Pastry, a social enterprise that trains Cambodian girls to be pastry chefs!

After lunch we’ll head to tour APOPO, one of the organizations using rats to detect landmines.

After a little downtime we’ll head to a local spot for an early dinner and some sunset views before heading back to the hotel for some zzz’s. We’ve got an early morning tomorrow!

Day 3

Rise and shine! We’ll catch sunrise to beat the crowds and the heat at Angkor Wat, the ancient city of temples Siem Reap is famous for. Meet our friendly tuk-tuk driver Sarak, who will take us to all the best spots on this packed day.

We’ll eat lunch at a relaxing spot close to the temples. Then we’ll head to Khmer Kitchen, a bustling spot near Pub Street for dinner and then to bed!

Day 4

Last full day in Siem Reap!

We’ll sleep in a little today and then head to a cooking class to learn some traditional Cambodian recipes. We’ll head back to Angkor to check out a few of the temples for sunset, and then head to Phare, The Cambodian Circus to watch a performance.

Day 5

Flights to Phnom Penh run until 8 pm and take under 1 hour

In the morning we’ll check out Wat Damnak.

We’ll catch a mid-afternoon flight to Phnom Penh and get settled in to our hotel before heading to the Olympic Stadium for some exercise and local culture, and try some tasty local food for dinner.

Day 6

Big day today. We’ll head in the morning to S-21, a school-turned-prison under the Khmer Rouge. We’ll take a tour and meet one of the very few prisoners who made it out alive.

Then we’ll head to the Killing Fields and take an audio tour of the grounds, just one of the sites where where hundreds of people were murdered and thrown into mass graves. After dinner we’ll head to watch a culture show, and see how Cambodians are trying to rebuild the cultural arts that were all but lost under the Khmer Rouge.

Day 7

We’ve got an early morning— a 7:00am drive to Mondulkiri Province, home of elephants! The drive takes about 6 hours. When we arrive we’ll settle in and take in the town and the fresh air, a welcome reprieve from Phnom Penh.

Day 8

After breakfast we’ll get picked up and drive to the Elephant Valley Project, a conservation group dedicated to preserving habitat for wild elephants. We’ll spend the day trekking alongside elephants in the jungle!

Day 9

Now that we’ve seen some of the wildlife of the region, it’s time to dive in to the culture of the Bunong ethnic group! We’ll head out to a village and spend the day helping out and learning about farming, local medicine, and traditional weaving. We have the unique opportunity to stay with a family for one night in the village, so be prepared for homestay!

Day 10

We’ll spend the morning relaxing and sharing breakfast in the village before heading back to Siem Reap. It’s a long day on the bus but hopefully we can nap after a long few days in the jungles. We should arrive to SR around 4:30 pm, with plenty of rest stops and scenic stops.

Depending how we’re feeling after the drive, we’ll head to the night market for some last-minute souvenirs. Then bed

Day 11

This is our final day in Cambodia, so let’s make it count! After some strong cambodian coffee we’ll head to some sweet hammocks by the reservoir and have a picnic lunch there. We’ll head back to the city for a massage and fancy final dinner before heading to the airport to say our goodbyes.

Or kun ch’ran, thank you, and see you again soon!