Day 1

Welcome to Cambodia! Floating houses have a long and complicated history in Southeast Asia, so today we’ll head out to Prek Toal village on the Tonle Sap, and meet some families to learn their story.

We’ll send you a packing list— it’s hard to know what you’ll need on a floating house until you’ve been a time or two!

Today we’ll get settled into our homestay and start to learn about the history of the village and the family.

Day 2

Today we’ll dive in with a village tour! Learn how to paddle one of the boats, and we’ll learn a bit about how the houses are constructed. Wait for the floating veggie boats to come around so we can buy supplies and cook our lunch with the family.

Hope you can sleep tonight, letting the gentle waves from speedboats rock you to sleep.

Day 3

Today we’ll work alongside a family doing some restoration and upkeep on the house, and we’ll visit the water distribution center and floating temple. Say our goodbyes after lunch as we head back to land before dark.